Children’s Health Defense  Check out this extremely informational and scientifically/medically based website founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the purpose of protecting the health of our children. Topics covered include vaccines, pesticides and herbicides on our food, 5G, Covid 19, media censorship and so much more. This is not opinions but rather science being shared and our children’s (and all of our) health safety being advocated for.  If you need convincing of Robert F. Kennedy’s motives, read about him under the About Us title in the Menu bar. I was VERY impressed. Robert F. Kennedy is a lawyer who vaccinated all his children and says he didn’t want to touch the vaccine issue. But after many years as an environmental lawyer, he says he kept encountering very intelligent mom’s who would ask him to look into the safety of vaccines. Eventually, he looked into vaccine safety from a scientific perspective and discovered that what our mainstream doctors are telling us is not all there is to the story. He is not against vaccines…he is for vaccine safety and individual rights to decide what goes into your body. I think this person has integrity as you will see when you view his site. Even if you don’t have kids this site is helpful for knowing your personal rights and behind the scenes information regarding our current issues in various health topics. 

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