Dr.Mercola Natural Health Website

https://www.mercola.com/  This is an amazing website with a wide variety of information based around natural and holistic health.  It was founded by Dr. Joseph Mercola in 1997. Topics of articles covered on this website include anything from fitness (including fitness guides), pet health, vitamins and supplements, herbal oils, information on genetically modified foods (GMO’s), information on organic foods and the chemicals being used on our foods, Covid 19 news, recipes, medicinal value of many different foods and herbs, media censorship, the rewriting of historical online news that is taking place right now by ‘fact checkers’, vaccines, gardening tips and so much more. Dr. Mercola worked in traditional medicine in the 1980’s until he realized that it was not helping his patients so he started to help his patients change their diets and exercise and he saw big positive results. He is currently a doctor of Osteopathy and natural health advocate.

Dr. Mercola has received many rewards for his work in natural health. He has made media appearances including on CNN and the The Dr.Oz show and is a best selling New York Times author. His website is currently one of the top 10 natural health websites out there. In addition to his many articles he also hosts a weekly podcast. 

Through the years I have found priceless natural health information on his website that has greatly benefited myself and my family. Check out the site for yourself and see what you think. 

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