Dr.Carrie Madej on the Covid 19 Vaccine

https://www.bitchute.com/video/KjFRsu61fdiX/ Check out this video post (about 15 minutes long) by Dr. Carrie Madej, an internal medicine specialist in Georgia. She explains in detail how the Covid 19 vaccine that is being developed is vastly different from any other vaccine ever before created. She explains the probable implications of receiving this vaccine and the risks.  This vaccine goes into the area of transhumanism and nanotechnology. This type of vaccine could genetically modify our genome (even though makers of it are claiming it cannot). The vaccine contains synthetic RNA/DNA which can technically be patented. That leaves the question of will we be owned by the owners of the vaccine once it is inside us then (Moderna, Bill and Melinda Gates)? This type of vaccine also uses something called hydrogel, which has the ability to connect with artificial intelligence 24/7 for the rest of your life.  Where does this information it tracks go? Also, this type of vaccine has what is called a Luciferase enzyme (ha! anyone else see the implications of that term!). This enzyme means it is possible for a scanner to see under your skin to make sure you have been vaccinated: it gives you a branding/barcode/number. 

The fast tracking of the vaccine trials as well as the very limited number of humans it is being tested on are of valid concern especially since we do not even know the long term health side effects of receiving this vaccine. From studies done on animals, this type of vaccine has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, of mutagenesis, auto-immune reactions and has been shown to hurt the animals more than help them in the long run. Check out her video post for more information and to ensure you and your loved ones health. Also, consider this…why is this vaccine being pushed so much? Why are the Covid 19 numbers being so grossly exaggerated? Why is the media and social media censoring so much information in association with Covid 19 and the vaccine trials? Is there an agenda going on here and if not then why the great lengths to put a whole world in fear and (likely soon) try to force us all to get vaccinated? 

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