The Epoch Times; Not the Mainstream Media

The Epoch Times. Not the Mainstream Media   Are you looking for honest journalism, journalism not funded by a source with biased motivations? Check out the Epoch Times. Print subscriptions are delivered to your house once a week and online subscriptions are delivered to your email every weekday. I have been reading this newspaper for about 6 months and am finding it so refreshing. It covers a variety of topics on local and world news with details you won’t find these days in the mainstream news. Our mainstream news whether it be on the TV, newspaper, magazines or Internet search engines is being actively censored. Often, the mainstream news feels like learning only a small piece of a puzzle without full information to form an educated opinion. This paper shares the facts of what is going on without emotional influence, allowing the reader to decide for themselves. Something else I find refreshing is that Christian views are not censored out or presented as ‘bad’ or politically incorrect. Most recently, The Epoch Times has been providing detailed information about the election and ongoing information about China, Communism and other topics that are effecting Americans whether we are aware of it or not. Well worth the time and money to read and sold for a very reasonable price. 

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