Book Review: Hero Tales. A Family Treasury of True Stories From the Lives of Christian Heroes

Book Review. HERO TALES: A Family Treasury of True Stories From the Lives of Christian Heroes. By Dave and Neta Jackson

My family has been loving reading this 4 volume series about various Christians over the last 600 years who have done the work of the Lord sometimes at the cost of their lives. If you are looking for inspirational reading to help you and your loved ones live your lives fully for the Lord and fulfill His perfect plans for you then check out this book! I am finding it extremely beneficial during these strange times in politics, media censorship and growing persecution of Christians. 

Examples of people we have read about so far include the following:

1)George Muller. He lived in Germany in the early 1800’s and lived a wild life in his young years. Eventually, he gave his life to Jesus, moved to England and became a preacher. He is best known for the orphanage he opened for poor children that housed, educated and trained over 10,000 boys and girls! Even more amazing is that he didn’t ask anyone for funding but rather prayed for it and God provided. I pray for that kind of faith to do such good deeds for the Kingdom as what George did!

2) Amy Carmichael. From Northern Ireland she went to India to tell others about Jesus in 1895. She traveled with other Christian women in India in a group called the Starry Cluster and eventually established Dohnavur Fellowship to provide a home for the children of India who were engaged in the practice of prostitution. 

3) Samuel Morris. Samuel, originally named Kaboo, traveled to the U.S to study the Bible after having been greatly tortured. He had amazing faith. The crew of the ship he traveled on to the U.S. hated him because of his black skin but God intervened. Samuel prayed for one of the crew men who wanted to kill him, who was seriously ill to get well. The man got well immediately. After that Samuel was treated well and held church services on the ship. In the United States, Samuel continued to do amazing things for the Lord. He died in his early 20’s though due to having been physically tortured so badly before this travels.

4) Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This man died in his late 30’s by hanging for rescuing Jews from Germany during World War 2. He was a pastor that helped many other pastors declare that what Hitler was doing was not Christian, as Hitler tried to say that it was. He was known for his faith in the jail he was held at for the last 2 years of his life where he continued to teach others about Jesus. 

I want to be remembered for giving my all to Jesus and His plans for my life. How much money we make, our job titles, our waist size, fame, or popularity won’t matter or be remembered by anyone in the years to come. But what we do for God lasts forever and changes the lives of countless others around us. Need a boost of faith? Then check out these books. Our family is only just starting book number 2 and we all love it…even the 6 year old! It’s written in plain language…easy for all ages to understand and appreciate. Every chapter ends with Scripture and some questions to help the reader apply the message to their own lives. 

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