Media Censorship Dr. Mercola  Let me ask you, how many times in history have the mass numbers of people been so wrong about what was happening? Hitler and his ability to sway a nation to kill innocent people…he even convinced many a pastor that his cause was glorifying God. Or the Catholic church when several hundred years ago they only had the Bible in Latin…William Tyndale translated it to English so people could understand it and was strangled to death for having done so in 1536.  Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for taking a bold stand against slavery. And Martin Luther King Jr. was killed for his peaceful protests and speeches against segregation and racism. Make no mistake…we are at a crucial time in history again. Many things are happening behind the scenes with the goal of taking away much of America’s (and the world’s) freedoms. The mainstream media is only covering one side of the issues and most people don’t even know there is waaay more going on than what you see in the news or will find in an online media search. Ask yourself…who is benefiting from this mass censorship? Who is really being harmed? 

Check out the above article link on about the already happening (and soon to be much worse) media censorship that is taking place. Please read this before you consider getting a Covid 19 Vaccine and before you embrace any mainstream news as a basis for making decisions. This stuff is real…NOT a conspiracy theory as many would want you to believe. 

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