Del Bigtree The Highwire  The Highwire is made by Emmy Award winning producer Del Bigtree.  Check out this site for a professional news perspective that gives you important news information you won’t find on your T.V. or social media. You can watch the news feed live or previously recorded  Some recent news topics/titles reported on include: 1) The Vaccine Safety Project, 2) The Great Covid Reset, 3) CDC Expects Vaccine Injury Epidemic 4) New Details in Covid Testing Scandal and 5) Doctors Take a Stand Against Covid Vaccine. This is the podcast put out by Del Bigtree. Apple podcasts is just one way to access this podcast. Recent topics reported on in the podcast include: 1)New Study Covid Was Already Here, 2) The Vaccine Safety Project (facts on vaccine safety and policy in America to help you make educated choices), 3) What is the Great Reset and 4) Former White House Official On Deadly Cost of Lockdown. Gripping stories and worthwhile information! 

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