Strengthen Your Immune System By Strengthening Your Gut With SBI Protect Powder ​

Strengthen Your Immune System By Strengthening Your Gut
With SBI Protect Powder    As mentioned many times on my blog, our two sons have a lot of food and ‘other’ sensitivities that effect both their behavior and their physical health. Our youngest son used to react negatively (with floppy muscle tone and aggressive behavior) to all dairy, all wheat, consuming food with very much sugar or yeast in it more then twice a week (including pretzels and gluten free bread), orange juice, potatoes, any peanut products more than twice a week and the list goes on and on. In addition to the behavioral reactions to foods, he had dark circles under his eyes and a chronically runny nose and seemed to catch whatever sickness floated by him. It was very hard to find food that was healthy for him to eat that he was willing to eat with all of his various sensitivities. And I mean, he would act up so much if he ate the wrong kind of food that he was constantly in time out every other minute and needed constant supervision.   

Then when he was about 4.5 years old, our chiropractor, who I have grown to trust over the years, recommended we try SBI Protect Powder made by Ortho Molecular Products. This product is the only purified, dairy free source of immunoglobulin. According to the Compounding Pharmacy of Green (2), “Immunoglobulins bind microbes and toxins in the GI tract and eliminate them prior to immune system activation. As these unwanted triggers are removed, it resets healthy immune tolerance and builds a stronger barrier to the external environment.”

Ortho Molecular Products website (3) says that SBI Protect Powder helps with the following: “Provides Concentrated Immunoglobulins to Enhance Mucosal Immunity, Helps Maintain Microbial Balance, Supports GI Barrier Health and Integrity, Helps Maintain Normal Inflammatory Balance” and helps to strengthen the immune system in the intestines. 

We were (and continue to) already giving each of our children multiple sources of probiotics each day. After the SBI recommendation we added this powder to their daily supplements. We would mix 1/2 adult serving of the SBI Protect powder with about a Tbs of juice and use a medicine dropper to give it to him with his breakfast. After he took this near daily for about 6 months we started to experiment with trying some of the above foods in his diet again. Guess what!? Ever since then (which has been about a year and a half at the time of this writing) he is able to have foods with yeast in them as often as he likes, his tolerance for sugar is more like one sweet a day instead of only 2 a week, he can eat peanut products almost daily, he can have dairy products about twice a week instead of not at all and he can have some potato products and some orange juice. This is HUGE since he is now going to school and it helps a ton that he can have sandwiches in his lunch and more variety of foods. He no longer has any dark circles under his eyes, no more runny nose and knock on wood he hasn’t gotten sick in over a year! 

Why am I writing this? I want my readers to be aware of this amazing product that is out there. It can help with so many health issues both with prevention and relief.

I almost didn’t buy this product the first time simply because at first the price appeared high for a supplement. The lowest price we have found is 60 adult servings (or 5.2 oz) for $75 dollars. We use 1/2 of an adult size serving per day with our youngest son and have been giving 1/4 an adult size serving to our daughter (who used to be dairy intolerant-even to raw milk products-but is now able to consume as much dairy as she wants with no wheezing or congestion like she used to get). I think that spending this kind of money on improving your health is well worth it especially since according to EcoWatch (1) your gut makes up about “70% of the cells that make up your immune system”.  And inflammation leads to a variety of health problems in the long run like arthritis, cancer and auto-immune diseases. This is just one step to better health. If you are like our family, you will be so thankful that you tried it! 

This product is sold at many chiropractor offices, directly from the supplier, Amazon and many other on-line sources.





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